Board of Directors
ImageThe CVS Board of Directors meets, generally on the second (2nd) Wednesday of each month (no meeting in August or December) at 7:00 p.m.. The Board meetings will be held by Zoom with the call in number of 301-715-8592 and the meeting ID# 444-655-774. All CVS homeowners and residents are encouraged to attend these meetings.

The Board of Directors consists of community members who are dedicated to operating the Homeowners Association for the benefit of our community. At ever meeting, there is an opportunity for homeowners and residents to express concerns and ideas directly to the Bord through a Homeowners Forum which is one of the first items of business. Please come and make yourself heard.

James Ganz

Aaron Skolnik

Kathie Matthews

Patricia Jones

Michael Reel

Michele Thompson

Annie Geralis
Vanguard Management

Box 39
Germantown, MD 20875
301-540-8600 x3335
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Important Numbers

Emergency Services
Police/Fire/Ambulance 911
Germantown Police 301-840-2650
Maryland State Police 301-424-2101
Park Police Emergency 301-949-3010
Germantown Fire Station 301-972-3155
Shady Grove Adventist Hospital 301-279-6000
Frederick Memorial Hospital 301-698-3300
Allegheny Power 800-225-3443
Cable TV Montgomery 301-424-4400
PEPCO 301-833-7500
Verizon 301-954-6260
Washington Gas 800-752-7520
WSSC 301-206-4001