Community Associations

Homeowners and residents of Churchill Village South are actually involved with several different community organizations. Homeowners are members of at least two (2) different community associations. Condominium owners are members of a third.

  • The Churchill Community Foundation
  • The Churchill Village South Homeowners Association
  • Individual condominium associations
    • The Villas at Willow Cove
    • The Willow Cove Townhouse Condominium
    • The Willow Cove Manor Condominium

Comprise the three levels of community associations. Each is an autonomous entity but all are intertwined and dependent upon each other. Each has its own legal basis established a set of documents called the Declaration and By-Laws. Each is governed by a Board of Directors which is elected by the respective memberships. Finally, each organization collects an assessment from its members for which certain services are provided.

The Churchill Community Foundation is an umbrella organization within the Churchill Town Sector of Germantown. The "Foundation" owns and maintains Lake Churchill, the 18 acre lake located adjacent to the original section of Willow Cove and the townhomes along Laurel Hill Way.

Membership of the Foundation consists of all residential units and certain other establishments within the Churchill Town Sector. A fee of $3.15 per month is collected from all residential units. This fee is "built-in" to your regular regular monthly assessment and is paid in bulkby your master association directly to the Foundation. The majority of the funds collected by the Foundation are set aside for management of Lake Churchill. A small portion of the funds are used to maintain the right of way along Middlebrook Road into Churchill Town Sector.

Other community associations that belong to the Foundation include:

  • Churchill East Village Community Association
  • Esprit, A Condominium
  • Lakeview Condominium
  • Landing Glen Condominium
  • Waters House Condominium
  • Water Landing Association
  • Waverly Condominium

The Foundation Board of Directors meets on a quarterly basis with an annual meeting and election held each April.

Churchill Village South is a master homeowners association that consists of approximately 800 single family homes, townhouses, and condominium units. CVS currently owns and maintains approximately 35 acres of common grounds, two swimming pools, tot lots, tennis courts, multi-purpose courts, several miles of bicycle pathways, and a community building. Due to complications in the CVS legal documents and other land planning considerations, much of the common area among condominium buildings is owned by CVS. This fact creates a fundamental tie between individual condominium units, their associations, and the master association, CVS.

The current assessment paid by members of CVS covers trash removal, maintenance of common areas, pool operations and maintenance, snow remove on CVS-owned streets and pathways, and replacement reserves. Each condominium unit pays the CVS assessment through its condominium payment, which is then paid "in-bulk" by the condominium association directly to CVS.

Each member of CVS, including condominium units, is entitled to one vote in all CVS elections, which are held annually in October. The CVS Board consists of six members, each of whom is elected annually. All members, except those with past due balances, are eligible to run for a Board seat and/or vote in elections.

The Villas at Willow Cove, the Willow Cove Townhouses, and the Willow Cove Manor Condominiums are each sub-associations beneath the CVS Homeowners Association. Each condominium pays monthly assessments to CVS and the Foundation from fees it collects from its members. The remaining portion of the condominium assessment covers direct condominium expenses such as insurance, management, and replacement reserves.

Each condominium consists of several buildings and common elements adjacent to and surrounding each building. A boundary line, shown on the condominium plat, separates the condominium from CVS common property. Depending upon the particular condominium association, the maintenance of the grounds within the boundary is either the responsibility of the condominium association or of the individual unit owner. The property outside the boundary is owned and maintained by CVS. Condominium associations have no direct authority over common areas outside their boundaries.

Each condominium is governed by a five (5) member Board of Directors, some of which are elected each year by the unit owners. The Board of Directors assume the responsibilities and authorities granted by the legal documents for the particular condominium association and by the laws of the State of Maryland. The Board, with the assistance of contract management, is responsible for budgeting, maintenance, establishing and enforcing rules, and managing the condominium's finances.


Important Numbers

Emergency Services
Police/Fire/Ambulance 911
Germantown Police 301-840-2650
Maryland State Police 301-424-2101
Park Police Emergency 301-949-3010
Germantown Fire Station 301-972-3155
Shady Grove Adventist Hospital 301-279-6000
Frederick Memorial Hospital 301-698-3300
Allegheny Power 800-225-3443
Cable TV Montgomery 301-424-4400
PEPCO 301-833-7500
Verizon 301-954-6260
Washington Gas 800-752-7520
WSSC 301-206-4001