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The good news is that the members of the Board of Directors for the Association have not yet abandoned hope that the Association might be able to open the swimming pool facilities at some point during the swimming season. Unfortunately, current circumstances of the ongoing evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic, including the various state and local restrictions on permissible activities do not offer the opportunity for much optimism.

It is clear that the Montgomery County government will not allow community swimming pools to open at this time. There is no clear indication of when restrictions would ease for these facilities, nor is it clear now what requirements might be imposed relating to social distancing, acceptable uses on the deck and in the water or concerning the disinfection of touchable surfaces (restrooms, drinking fountains, furnishings, etc.). Nevertheless, the Board has deferred any final conclusions to their June 10, 2020 regular meeting.

The Board of Directors for the Association is pleased to introduce a new electronic pool pass system for the 2020 summer season. This year, we will use an online registration and virtual ID process for pool access – this means NO MORE PHYSICAL CARDS to lose! Additionally, homeowners will not need to re-register each year unless there are changes to the household.

Homeowners must complete the online pool registration. If you are a tenant, please note that the homeowner must complete the registration process and authorize your use of the pool. Homeowners can sign up and register using: https://www.cellbadge.com/churchill/register on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

CVS has two swimming pools. The larger of the pools – the “Wanegarden Pool” - is located at 13601 Wanegarden Drive immediately adjacent to the Community Center. The second pool – the “Winterspoon Pool” - is located at the corner of Winterspoon Lane and Wisteria Drive.

If the pools open this season, operating hours will be posted at the earliest possible time.

Please remember, even with the electronic pool pass system being implemented this year, all CVS homeowners must be in good standing for access to the pool facilities.

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Important Numbers

Emergency Services
Police/Fire/Ambulance 911
Germantown Police 301-840-2650
Maryland State Police 301-424-2101
Park Police Emergency 301-949-3010
Germantown Fire Station 301-972-3155
Shady Grove Adventist Hospital 301-279-6000
Frederick Memorial Hospital 301-698-3300
Allegheny Power 800-225-3443
Cable TV Montgomery 301-424-4400
PEPCO 301-833-7500
Verizon 301-954-6260
Washington Gas 800-752-7520
WSSC 301-206-4001